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BFT Setup and Training

Update: June 03, 2017 – We can no longer recommend BFT as a service you should use. It is our opinion you should NOT sign up with them.

You are about to start your journey into Bitcoin fundraising. is an independent site run by people who want to help you get up and running as quick as possible. This site is also here as a resource for you to send your donors to so they can get set up as quick as possible.

This sign up process is designed to get you going as quick as possible. Please do not skip around! Go in order they are listed below.
GO SLOW! Read everything CAREFULLY. If you are on a mobile phone you are encouraged to find a laptop or tablet.

The instructions below are always changing as the sign up process becomes more refined. If you encounter something that isn’t explained well in the documentation below, please email so it can be corrected. You will be assisting others whom you refer to this site for setup assistance!


Need more information? See the Team All Bitcoin Training Section.