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Bitcoin Nodes – Why I’m Raising Funds

Do you know what a Bitcoin node is? While a lot of attention is directed at the Bitcoin miners, much less is directed at the Bitcoin nodes. A Bitcoin node is what is used to broadcast transactions across the network. These ‘full nodes’ have a copy of the entire blockchain, and are able to help new clients get up and running. They also allow transactions to be sent to random clients, further enhancing the security and trust of Bitcoin.

Support Bitcoin NodesAs donations come into my account at Bitcoin Funding Team, I will be using a portion of those donations to purchase hardware and co-location hosting contracts so that I can run full Bitcoin nodes across the world. The plan is to start in the United States, since that’s where I’m located, but then expand to a global network of Bitcoin nodes. Your donation will help more than just myself. It will actually help you, as you will be indirectly contributing the operation of the Bitcoin network.

I do not intend to start mining Bitcoin. My goal is to help the Bitcoin network in a way that some people may overlook, but is critical to the operation of Bitcoin. By donating to my cause you help ensure the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, and have the opportunity to then raise funds for your cause as well. Remember, these nodes allow transactions to get around the Bitcoin network in a random, decentralized way.

If you’d like to contribute to my cause, then please join me in Bitcoin Funding Team. You will be able to then start your own fund raising campaign for whatever you desire.


I’m also giving anyone who join my cause a free web hosting account on my web hosting platform. Simply get started here and you’ll be able to claim your free web hosting account. Simply contact me via the email address at the bottom of the page, and once verified you are donating to my cause, I’ll get you your free hosting account. The account will be valid for as long as you are donating to the cause.