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Bitcoin Funding Team and My 7 Bitcoins Corruption

This blog post will cover the corruption of the Bitcoin Funding Team and My 7 Bitcoin programs.


I must start this blog post by saying that I firmly believe in the systems and set up of Bitcoin Funding Team and My 7 Bitcoins. I feel these are excellent programs, and will help many people acquire bitcoin. I do not believe they are a scam. However in this post I’m going to detail the reasons why I feel you should avoid them under their current ownership.Bitcoin Funding Team and My 7 Bitcoins - Scam?


If you don’t know what these programs are, allow me to explain them to you. Bitcoin Funding Team is set up in a 2×5 Matrix that allows you to get increasing donations from each level in your matrix. My 7 Bitcoins, as of this writing, has 2 plans, a Starter and Regular. The starter is a 0.21 donation on a 2×2 matrix. Once all 6 positions in your matrix are filled, you will have 0.50 Bitcoin. The ‘regular’ plan is a ~1BTC donation, and once you fill a 2×3 matrix you receive a 7 BTC donation.
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Bitcoin Wallet Security And Protection

Bitcoin Wallet Security

Welcome to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency then this section is for you. There are many security features available to you, and it’s highly recommended that you implement them. Unlike the banking system in the United States, if someone steals your Bitcoin, there is no way for it to be recovered. Thus it is very important that you implement some very strong wallet security measures to protect your Bitcoin.

There are two ways you can operate a Bitcoin wallet. You can either host the wallet yourself, on your own computer, or have it hosted by one of the many wallet services that exist today. When Bitcoin was first released, a lot of people hosted their own wallet. They downloaded software to their computer that allowed them to interact with the Bitcoin network, and transfer bitcoin from themselves to someone else. As Bitcoin grew, so did the online services that you see today.

This article is going to focus on things you can do to protect your wallet from being stolen by individuals who want to steal the contents of it for their own gain.

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Bitcoin Has Doubled In Price

And it may triple in price soon.

On January 1, 2017, the price of a Bitcoin was $997.

On January 11, 2017 it was at $775.

At the time I wrote this sentence it was $1934.85.

That’s 250 percent! (from the low on 1/11/17)

Could 300% ($2325) be far off?

Yes, the price of bitcoin may crash, but it may also rise. What if you had Bitcoin coming in to you every month? What is there was a way to have constant donations of Bitcoin sent to you by simply making a donation to someone else?Bitcoin Double in Price

Think of it this way. If you spent 0.12 Bitcoin right now it would cost you $232.18. That could then be donated to someone, starting the donation process to you. If you were to go all out, and get as many people to donate to you, which would get donations for them in the first month you *could* end up with 4.2 BTC at the end of the month. When you take out the donations you make to others you would have 3.50 BTC left.
Based in the price when I started this post it would be an extra $6771.98 in your pocket. For the skeptics, what might happen if the price of bitcoin were to drop 90%? You’d still end up with an extra $677.20 per month.

Don’t forget, this would continue each month.

Even if you only have 3.5 Bitcoin to spare each month at the end of 12 months you’d have 42 bitcoin. Based on the price when I started this email that’d be an extra $81,263.7.

Nothing in this post is guaranteed. You could lose money or you could make money. The value of Bitcoin will change by the time you read this post , and has probably changed since you started reading it until now.

The potential is there. The system is proven. If you are willing to follow the system, and the advice of others you could potentially have a significant amount of Bitcoin in your possession.

IF THE EXPERTS ARE RIGHT and the price goes up to $10,000 or even $50,000, wouldn’t you want even 1 Bitcoin a month coming to you?

Join me and my team and I’ll help you get started.

Qu’est-ce que l’équipe de financement de Bitcoin?

Quel est Bitcoin Funding Team

Note de l’éditeur: Cette publication a été traduite en français à l’aide de Google Translate. L’auteur de cette publication ne parle pas français et s’appuie sur les services de traduction de Google.

Mise à jour: 03 juin 2017 – Nous ne recommandons plus l’équipe de financement de Bitcoin. NE PAS s’inscrire à leurs services. Si vous le faites, ils finiront par voler votre ligne vers le bas.

Je suis sûr que vous avez entendu parler des sites de financement de la foule que les gens utilisent pour les aider en cas de besoin. Cependant, une chose que vous ne pouvez pas réaliser, ou une deuxième réflexion, est que ce sont des dons à temps unique pour quelqu’un. Un don, et fait.

Cependant, si vous en faites un don mensuel où chacun qui fait un don peut alors recevoir des dons eux-mêmes, tout le monde gagnerait.

C’est la prémisse derrière l’équipe de financement de Bitcoin. À la fin de cette publication sur le blog, vous comprendrez mieux comment l’équipe de financement de Bitcoin pourrait financer toute cause que vous pourriez imaginer.

Tout d’abord, regardons une plate-forme de collecte de fonds typique. Cette image montre ce qui se passe dans une campagne.

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