Retire With BTC

How can you earn bitcoin? There are many ways you can earn bitcoin, though there are varying levels of risk associated with each one. Please see the earnings disclaimer. What’s the best route to take? I don’t know the answer to that. Each person will have a different level of risk they are willing to take. The items that I have listed on this page are listed from lowest to highest risk as determined by me. You may not agree with the risk level I assign to each item, and that’s okay. At least you have another source of information about each one to continue you research.


Risk Level: Low

Long before people were buying and selling bitcoin, they were mining for bitcoin. What people sometimes fail to realize is that mining is actually a very critical part of the bitcoin protocol. The short answer is that miners take the unconfirmed transactions on the network, assemble them into a mathematical equation called blocks, and then attempt to solve that equation. Once they solve the equation, and other miners have had a chance to verify they got the right answer, the protocol rewards that person with a number of bitcoin.

Cloud based miners will allow you to purchase some “hash” power to assist in the computation of these equations. You send them money, or in some cases bitcoin, and they then assign a portion of their hash power to you. You then get a percentage of the bitcoin the company earns when a block is found and verified.

I consider this to be the lowest risk of all when it comes to earning bitcoin. If you are working with a reputable company then the chances of them vanishing with your money/bitcoin is very low. Is bitcoin mining worth it? That’s something you have to answer for yourself. The returns may not be worth it for some people, but just right for others.

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Risk Level: Intermediate

In summary, you donate bitcoin each month to others, and then you have the ability to have others donate bitcoin to you each month. Suppose you are a church or charity organization and you wish to raise funds for a special event. You could join a donation platform, and make a monthly donation to someone else, which would then let you have other people donate to you each month.

The added bonus here is that those who donate to you would also be able to get donations from those who are coming to donate to you. It’s a win/win for everyone. You, and everyone who donates monthly to you, are able to earn bitcoin. You send and receive monthly donations directly to/from the person involved. You do not send it to a system/company who then redistributes it or has a chance to manipulate the numbers. They are person to person monthly donations, of their own, and your own, free will. Don’t want to donate any more? Simply stop making the monthly donations. The only side effect will be that you are no longer eligible to receive these monthly donations from others.

I’ve classified this as an intermediate risk for the following reasons:

  • It’s possible that no one will donate to you/your cause.
  • It’s possible that people will not understand how the system works, upgrade to soon and get frustrated.
  • The system is run by people. They could close up any time.

We currently have no donation platforms that we can recommend.


Risk Level: High!

The world of Bitcoin investments is a murky one. Sites claim they can get you a 200% return on your bitcoin in as little as 90 days. These sites claim they are making trades on the market and are able to achieve spectacular results. There is very little information published about how they are doing this, or who is actually in control of your money. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who have made money with this method.

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As you can see there are many ways you can earn bitcoin. Each has their own level of risk and reward that you will have to take into account when deciding what route to go. Try one or try them all, just make sure you do your research first!